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Clear Memory During Script Run

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Hello all,


I'm running a script in a very large assembly, where this script loops through every component retrieving a number of information for each of them.

The information I need is not that heavy, but it seems like HM saves in its memory much more data than what I'm requesting for each component.

Then it ends up crashing due to the lack of memory.


Is there any way to clear HM memory while a script is running?


Thank you

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Unfortunately I cannot post the script here.

But basically it loops over every component to extract some mesh quality attributes.

Functions like the following are used:







I say that it seems like HM is saving in memory more info than requested because the RAM runs out really quickly, but considering the output I'm requesting/getting, it's only creating a file with few KBs. And as the same variables are using during the loop, they should be getting overwritten, which would prevent running out of RAM. So my guess is that at each loop, each operation, HM is saving in RAM all the info related to that component, even info not requested, and as it loops through the components, the memory just keeps building up.


I hope it helps clarify the situation.

Thank you

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