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Friction Stir Welding

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Dear Sir,

I have carried out the tutorial on Friction Stir welding, But When I exported the model from FSW to Hyper extrude using *.tcl and *.grf file. The export was successful. But when I opened the model in H-xtrude, it showed an error message as

- - - Material NotGiven_Error was found. Skipping this matassign for comp_name (6 times) after clicking on OK it gave another Data Import message as

- - - Please verify the BC and material data. Import does not include Bearing BC

Kindly reply on the above error messages.

This tutorial was taken from Hyper Works 8.0 -

FSW - Butt Joint Analysis using Aluminium.

Thanks for the support


Sunith babu. L

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I had the same problem. please check have you assigned material for both workpiece and tool properly.
Apart from that I have some of the doubts
-Is it possible to refine the mesh
-I was getting error or it was not solving if i change some values in BC

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