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Hey guys,


I'm trying to write a script which deletes elements of a model, that have a young's modulus under a certain value ("Grenzwert").

Running the following Code, this is working as it is supposed to for the first 5 iterations. Afterwards the number of elements deleted stays the same all the time. The problem is, that there are still elements with a youngs modulus lower than 100.

Do you know what's the problem here?


Some annotations which may help to understand the code:

lStressValue_1 = list containing the young's modulus of every element

delete_id = element id which should be deleted


# Suchen aller Werte unter Grenzwert
set delete_id ""
set delete_index {}
set Grenzwert 100
set y -1
set Element ""
# y gibt den Index des Felded unter Grenzwert an wird zu einer Liste zusammengefügt
foreach Element $lStressValue_1 {
        incr y
        if {[expr $Element < $Grenzwert]} {
            lappend delete_index "$y"
# Die Element-Ids aus der Liste der lIDs mit den Elementen unter Grundwert herauslesen
foreach Element_C $delete_index {
    append delete_id "[lindex $lID_1 $Element_C] "

*createmark elements 1 {*}$delete_id
*deletemark elements 1


Kind regards,


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Note that from v13 you can filter entities by "less than value" :


*createmark elems 1 $IID_1

*createmark elems 2 "less than value" collector.material.\$E $Grenzwert 0

*markintersection elems 1 elems 2

*deletemark elems 1




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Thank you, this already helps me a lot!

But somehow, the  line  *createmark elems 2 "less than value" collector.material.\$E $Grenzwert 0 marks all the elements of the model.

Is the variable $E the youngs modulus and does it have to be declared before using the command?

And what's the meaning of the 0 at the end of the line?


Or in general: What do I have to put in here: collector.material.\$E

The real collector names or can I leave it as it is?

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