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Hello everyone,



I have made seam weld elements between 2 components. Then I made tied contact (Type 2 contact) between these components by considering seam elements as master component.

But when I ran the crash simulation mass of 720 kg was added in these seam elements, which made the entire mass of my crash sled 3.5 times heavier than the actual  weight.




I have to use tied 2 contact as I wanted to use the contact interface for spot welds.

I cant omit DT/NODA/CST, otherwise my simulation time is increasing exponentially.

Because of crash simulation, some elements are deforming to a very small length.


Thanks in advance.



Nitin Jain


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Hi Nitin jain

   When you create a spot weld using type 2 spring in seam,  by default you will get the (TYPE13 spring property + TYPE2 contact).Please do change the values of parameters as per  your model unit system.

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Thanks @Pooja S 

I am using Hexa (tapered T) type seam weld and I gave desired properties to it.



Thanks @Ivan

I ran the simulation again with switching off Spotflag. It solved my problem.

But is my contact now simulating the exact condition of  spot weld or not.

Because from Altair manuals, I learned that Spotflag=1 represents the condition for spot welds, etc.


How accurate are the results with Spotflag= off.


Thanks and Regards

Nitin Jain


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The slave nodes height with respect to the master segments should be as small as possible. Indeed, the geometrical concordance is necessary for Interface Type 2 to work normally, and will help to get a lower added mass. Please go through the FAQ in Help Menu on Kinematic Conditions where this is well explained.

Using fully integrated elements in combination with spotflag=0 is OK, but rotational DOFs are not transmitted. 


Check the attached documents for details.

Tied Contact (_INTER_TYPE2).pdf

Spotweld (Bolt or Adhesive Connect).pdf

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