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TCL script to automatically assign material properties

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I need to create a TCL script that automatically assigns material properties to individual CBEAM elements in a component composed of a large number of CBEAM elements. I am essentially creating a lattice within a component but using CBEAM elements. Does anyone have any advice regarding the script, or how I would go about doing it?


Kind Regards,


Laurence Maskell

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Hi Maskell,


Find the property ID (assuming the correct material is assigned) you want to set to the CBEAM element. If property is different for different CBEAM elements, you will have to come up with some naming convention to find the correct propID. 

Find the Component ID where the CBEAM is present and set the property using:

*setvalue comps id=$n_compID propertyid={props $n_propID}



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