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issues with hm_getelemcheckbounds api

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As seen in the image hm_getelemcheckbounds  is returning 1.626 as the maximum value but if I measure the distance between 2 nodes it shows 7.137 . Are these 2 results not contradicting each other.


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Hello @rk2


This is not defect, "length" will return the Minimum length.


You can find the longest length element with following commands.

*createmark elems 1 displayed;
set length [hm_getvalue elems mark=1 dataname=longestside];
set longval [lindex [lsort -decreasing $length] 0];
set longid [lindex [hm_getvalue elems mark=1 dataname=id] [lsearch $length $longval]];
tk_messageBox -message "Longest element ID = ${longid}\nLongest element value = ${longval}";




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