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Screws recognition, disconnected groups of parts

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Hi everyone,


I'm trying Simsolid and i have few questions.


First and foremost, in the "Fast start training guide", Altair says that every contact are automatically recognized. In reality, in a huge assembly, when i launch a calculation Simsolid warns me and say : "Assembly has 918 disconnected groups of parts". I started the automatic research connection. Then, i had only 172 disconnected groups of part. Manually it will take a long time to put them one by one.
Do you know why ?


Then, Altair announced that screws, bolts and nuts are not a problem because they are recognized by the software. In fact, it doesn't. A co-worker said that maybe it recognizes only a few kind of them. I found nothing about this in Altair's resources.  

Do you know them ?


In advance, thank you for your answer.

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Automatic detection of contact is based on two tolerances -- max gap and max penetration between the parts and one resolution setting --  Standard, Enhanced, High. If your parts are badly misaligned, you may need to adjust these a bit. As an alternative, you can use fillet welds. Try to group select a number of parts and find all edge welds.


With Bolts and Nuts may apply tightening loads. The restriction is that there must be a hex head on both. See the training guide for more details or contact customer support.

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