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As far as I know its only possible to assign a single direction to a composite ply. However, lots of plies used in the composite industry are not unidirectional. For example a 0-90 ply. In this ply half of the fibres has direction 0 and the other half 90 degrees. How can I mimic this in Hyperworks/optistruct for an FEA?

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composite plies are modeled with MAT8 orthotropic material, where

-E1 is Modulus of elasticity in longitudinal direction (also defined as fibre direction or 1-direction)

-E2 is Modulus of elasticity in lateral direction (also defined as matrix direction or 2-direction)


The material properties is what defines whether the ply is a uni-directional or bi-directional.

Unidirectional plies have E1>>E2, while bi-directional have E1~= E2



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