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Terry Vogler

Non-Building Geometry during .OSM import

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There is an options to "Export non-building objects in an *.add file" for the Open Street Map (*.osm) under the Convert Urban Database, Vector Database. I selected this and a .add file was generated. It's unclear where I can see what it in this or make use of it. WallMan does not appear to be able to consume it.


Any advice?







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Hello Terry,


the .add file with additional data from open street map can be loaded in ProMan (just for display, i.e. not considered in the wave propagation simulation) by using the following steps:

  • Load in ProMan the project (.net) based on the corresponding .odb file
  • Then in the menue select Display => Additional Data: Layer Management
  • Select "Load" in the shown dialog:image.png
  • Press OK and all the loaded layers from the .add file will be displayed in ProMan:
  • image.png



Best  regards,


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