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Hello All,


I have been trying to build a full model which flex bodies, contacts included but when I assigned a flex body to rigid body , contacts are no longer available. Is there any specific contact type that I have to use for flex bodies ? and the other question is my material will be rubber and I want to examine how those components assigned flex body distorted ? Can I examine that kind of solution via MotionView ?


Thanks in advance :)

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Hi Abdullabh-


To answer your second question, the math behind flexbodies is based off of linear deflection, and linear material properties.  You will not get good results attempting to model a rubber component as a flexbody.  If you need to model something like a rubber component, you should investigate using the non-linear finite element feature in MotionSolve (NLFE). 


For your first question:  MotionSolve does not currently support 3D contact with flexbodies today.   There is a workaround to this, where you attach many small rigid bodies to your flexible body with fixed joints.  These small rigid bodies can then be used with 3D contact.

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Expanding upon @Chris Coker suggestions: NLFE bodies in Motionsolve currently support only 1D BEAM12 elements for Hyperelastic materials (Neo-Hookean, Mooney Rivlin and Yeoh).

Absolute Nodal Coordinate Formulation.pdf


Highly nonlinear models can be solved by an explicit method (Radioss):

-geometry (large displacements, rotations, buckling) 

-material (hyperelasticity, plasticity and rupture)

-contact (sliding, friction, open/close status)

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