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Mateusz L

Frequency response analysis - settings

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Hello, I am writing to ask how correctly set FRA analysis?
I've made an example with simple plate:
1.Modal analysis:

2. FRA analysis:
- frequency function like that (just for example)


- base excitation - acceleration

3. Result:

Result isn't the same as in modal analysis as I supposed to. I expected peak values in 26Hz, 116Hz, 169Hz where resonace will occur.

Somewhere I made a mistake, can anyone help me?

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Hello, I have quite the same problem, using Base excitation (Simsolid latest release 2019.4.1).

Just considering a simple input (constant acceleration 1m/sec^2) I can't obtain the same results between FEM analysis and Simsolid. Simsolid seems to convert and use the input acceleration in the wrong way respect to traditional FEM.




Does anyone have already check the right correlation between Simsolid and FEM results in frf acceleration vs freq analysis (Base excitation)?





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