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I'm trying to define contacts between 3 parts of my model. The model consist out of shell elements only. Tried the autocontact, connectors and contactsurfaces tool. However I didnt manage to connect the parts. I have attached an screencapture of the file as well as the model file itself. 


Can anyone help me out here?




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I managed to connect the components using AutoContact (with settings in the attached image), but there may still be some unattached nodes. 


The best way is to mesh components with node to node connectivity. Start with geometry: components should share common and non-manifold edges- you already have coincident edges, the next step would be to join them by Geom>edge edit>toggle or replace. Only then you can mesh and get proper connectivity. 


The following might also help:

-Use the Node Edit panel (Geometry>Edit>Nodes>Assosciate) to associate nodes to a point, line, or surface/solid face

-Use edges panel (shift+F3) to equivalence nodes.



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