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WARNING 2757 Consequences

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In a recent simulation where I modeled a conductor as a finite thickness region (having four conducting sides rather than as a 2D plane), I received the warning:


WARNING 2757: A triangle is too thick as compared to the lateral dimensions for application of the skin effect approximation


My question then is: what effect does this warning have on the simulation? Does FEKO simply ignore the triangles in question? Does it attempt the skin effect approximation anyway? Or does it use some other method to solve for these triangles?


Any help would be appreciated!




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Hi Sutton304803


If the warning is given, Feko still applies the skin effect, but the accuracy could be compromised. 


The warning is given if the triangle edge length is similar as the thickness you specified for the finite conductivity elements.  You can check the OUT file for the triangle element numbers. to which the warning applies and search for these elements in POSTFEKO under the Mesh tab, Find Elements. My guess would be the warning is given for the elements on the 2 vertical sides of your conductor - these triangles are probably much smaller than those on top and bottom sides of the conductor.

(The skin effect approximation also requires that a good conductivity is used where conductivity sigma is much larger than the product 2 pi f eps0)

Also just check if this isn't related to the model unit - i.e. your model unit is meters but you specified the thickness of the elements in units of mm.


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