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Remap Pressure Loads

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In the model I am working on, I have several loadcases with different pressure load distributions.
I had to remesh the surface I was working on and now I have a more coarse mesh with different element ids.
How can I use the loads applied in the previous mesh and adapt them to the new mesh?


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Actually, I am able to do in that way.


For example, with the first mesh I had the following pressure loads:


PLOAD4         1 3210001 0.00079
PLOAD4         1 3210002 0.00082
PLOAD4         1 3210003 0.00079


All loads (positive and negative) are perpendicular to the original mesh.


I am able to remap those pressures to the new mesh, being the end result the following:


PLOAD4       101 10000116.4766-4                                        +       
+              0-.283875.8665895.4104112
PLOAD4       101 10000105.9349-4                                        +       
+              0-0.27855.8736424.3989474
PLOAD4       101 10000096.0673-4                                        +       
+              0-.283721.8694421.4044413


The vectors define the orientation of the loads. The problem is that, due to the differences in the mesh, some loads don't stay perpendicular to the elements.


If I could convert the loads while mantaining the original format, the negative loads would not need the orientation vector to define them, and just the signal at the beginning of the load would be suficient to define.


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