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very low safetyfactor in a small point of modell (not very normal)

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Hey guys,


i really need help, because i made a part for my bachelorthesis and let it calculate in Inspire becuase i had to do a Topologieoptimization. My Part should work without any problems, because i use the same material as the parts that are already used. the whole model shows very low stresss and just in the fixation point there are some very big tension peaks which are putting my safetyfactor low.


for me it looks very strange and seriously it shoul work, because my part is at the fixation bigger then the ones i will replace and at the rest of my optimized part is very low in tension.


i uploaded the pictures for more clarity.


I don't know whats wrong... Please help :(


(the secon one is just with a smaller elemtsize)



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from 2.4.5 Loads and Boundary Conditions ( Kuang-Hua Chang, in Product Performance Evaluation with CAD/CAE, 2013 )


In many cases, the components being modeled are assembled to other parts through bolts, pins, and so on. Very often these connectors link the structure to other components that are constrained physically. These constrained components are seldom modeled. It may not always be a good idea to constrain the nodes on the inner surface of the holes where pins or bolts are located, since they are not constrained physically. Unexpected stress concentration often appears around the hole where displacement constraints are placed.


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