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Very low airgap flux density

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First I would like to thank you for your time reading this post. I am trying to simulate a 36 pole hydrogenerator to assess its EMF and harmonics. What the attachment contains:

1. geometry, electrical and physics

2. solver steps

To run the program, simply mesh the domain and then use the test scenario. The problem im having is that the airgap flux is only 0.3T which is totally wrong. I have deleted all stator winding electrical circuit and simply treating the project as a rotor with windings with no other electrical circuits. I am trying to simply the study and see where the problem is but unfortunately i was unable to get a sensible airgap flux density. would someone please help?





1 ARC T.FLU.zip

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The value of the flux density (ate no load: case with the rotor field) depend on the value of the excitation (current source in the rotor). I made a test by changing the value of the excitation, when the value increase the value of the flux density in the air gap increase.

Other thing, it is better to split the air gap in two parts: air gap rotor and air gap stator. Also about the material that you use in the stator and rotor, the thickness is 0.35 mm not 1016 mm (in your case you sue M270-35A, the value 35 it is the thickness of the sheet, you need to divide by 100).

Best regards


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First, I would like to thank you for your time and effort for this reply, you have been very helpful and informative. A big thank you.

Secondly, you have raised a very interesting point about the material, I was under the impression that 35 is 0.35mm but as you said it represents 100 sheets in total of 35mm. Thank you again and I must say I am very impressed with the support which you guys do for this software.  

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