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Problem with OpenFileEntry API

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Hello all,


I'm trying to create a user interface on HM where the user can input a file and some other options to run a code.

To retrieve the file path I'm using the command hwtk::openfileentry, using a -textvariable option to retrieve the input.

However when I try to use the variable saved from the input it's not changing at all.

The fix should be simple, but I'm not being able to make this work.


Here follows the code I'm using:


if { [winfo exist .geom_checker] } {
	destroy .geom_checker;

set textVar "Nothing"

set f .geom_checker
frame $f

set w [hwtk::frame $f.w]
pack $w -anchor nw

set top [frame $f.top];
pack $top -side top -fill x -expand 0;
set bottom [frame $f.bottom];
pack $bottom -side bottom -fill x -expand 0;

# Return button
button $bottom.button -text "return" -command hm_exitpanel -bg #C06060;
pack $bottom.button -side right -anchor e -ipadx 6 -ipady 4

# Label frame for Reference File
set lbl_ref [hwtk::labelframe $w.title_ref -text "Reference STP File"]
grid $lbl_ref -column 0 -row 0 -ipadx 6 -ipady 6
# pack $lbl_ref -side left -anchor nw -pady 4

set txt_file "Open file"
hwtk::label $lbl_ref.l -text $txt_file
hwtk::openfileentry $lbl_ref.e -textvariable textVar
grid $lbl_ref.l -column 0 -row 0 -sticky w -pady 2 -padx 5
grid $lbl_ref.e -column 1 -row 0 -sticky w -pady 2 -padx 5
#grid configure $lbl_ref.e -sticky ew

set cmd_btn "tk_messageBox -message $textVar -type ok"
button $lbl_ref.import_ref -text $textVar -command $cmd_btn -bg #60C060
grid $lbl_ref.import_ref -column 2 -row 0 -sticky e -pady 2 -padx 5

button $bottom.run -text "Proceed" -command hm_exitpanel -bg #60C060;
#grid $top.run -column 10 -row 0 -sticky e
pack $bottom.run -side right -anchor ne -ipadx 6 -ipady 4

hm_framework addpanel $f "Model Info";
hm_framework drawpanel $f;

Thanks in advance,

Jefferson Vieira

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Hi @Jeffersondhv,


It is because you have already defined cmd_btn with the value 'Nothing'.

The value of textVar is actually changing. Replace the line like this, it should be working.

button $lbl_ref.import_ref -text $textVar -command {tk_messageBox -message $textVar -type ok} -bg #60C060


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