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Hello Guys,


is there such a thing as a users guide for DOEs and especially for the post processing opportunities?

I am using the software a few days and I'm wondering what all the post processing monitors show and how the numbers are calculated. Can you help me to understand these thing a bit better?


Cheers Max

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Hi Hyperman,


thanks for the note on the ebook. I've read it through and I have some additional questions. I really try to understand all of the post-processing values. Some of them I still don't understand or understand where the numbers come from. I have listed some values here:


1) in the Integrity Plot in the category health: How are Bad Values und Excluded Values defined?

2) in the Integrity Plot in the category quality: How are all the Max Bound 99%,  Max Bound 95%, Max Bound 90%, Min Bound 90%, Min Bound 95%, Min Bound 99% values defined?

3) with which exakt Methode is the ordination plot been made? I found a link where they say a Principal Component Analysis is used. But do they use an orthogonal or a linear regression to build the variance?

4) I did a convergence analysis to get an impression when an output value converges to the final distribution of values etc. Have you any experience how many runs a study (depending on the specification) has to have to get a valid result.


I hope you can help me out here again.

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