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Plotting Dynamic MinMax Result in Measure panel

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I need to plot a dynamic MinMax Result for a component

This is how i am doing 



hwi OpenStack
hwi GetSessionHandle sess
sess GetProjectHandle proj
sess New
proj GetPageHandle page [proj GetActivePage]

page SetActiveWindow 1
page GetWindowHandle win 1
win SetClientType "Animation"
win GetClientHandle cli
win GetViewControlHandle vw
set model_id [cli AddModel "C:/Users/vreddy26/My_Work_Space/HYPERMESH/2018_WORK/Naveen_DriveShaft/Analysis_3_Dynamic_Stress_Sweep/Max_stress/Stress_imbalance_cogmass_latest_imbal_load_wo_damper_TPV.h3d";]

cli GetModelHandle model $model_id

model SetResult "C:/Users/vreddy26/My_Work_Space/HYPERMESH/2018_WORK/Naveen_DriveShaft/Analysis_3_Dynamic_Stress_Sweep/Max_stress/Stress_imbalance_cogmass_latest_imbal_load_wo_damper_TPV.h3d"
model GetResultCtrlHandle res
res GetContourCtrlHandle cntr
cntr GetLegendHandle lgnd
win SetClientType "Animation"            
page GetAnimatorHandle animator    

set subcase 1 
set str_dataType "Element Stresses (2D)"
set str_dataComp "Von Mises Stress"

model GetSelectionSetHandle Sets 1
model MaskAll system
                        model MaskAll part    
                        model UnMask [Sets GetID]

res SetCurrentSubcase $subcase
set n_step [expr [animator GetNumberOfSteps]-1]
animator SetCurrentStep $n_step    
#clh$j Draw
cntr SetSelectionSet [Sets GetID]            
cntr SetDataType $str_dataType            
cntr SetDataComponent $str_dataComp
cntr SetAverageMode Simple
cntr SetEnableState true    
cli Draw

animator SetAnimationMode "transient"            
page StartAnimation


#Plotting Graph###########ISSUE IS FROM HERE

page SetLayout 1

set window_idx 2

page GetWindowHandle win2 $window_idx

win2 SetClientType "Plot"

cli GetMeasureList
cli GetMeasureHandle m1 2

m1 SetDisplayMode max true

set measure_item_idx 0

m1 AddDynamicCurveToPlot $measure_item_idx "y_comp" win2

cli Draw


Its drawing only one point.How can i correct this for proper plot.

Do i need to add anything

Thanks in advance

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Hope this may help


animator SetCurrentStep 0
set meas_id [client_handle AddMeasure "Relative displacement"]
client_handle GetMeasureHandle mesr_handle $meas_id
mesr_handle SetType "Relative displacement"

mesr_handle SetDisplayMode x_comp True
mesr_handle SetDisplayMode y_comp False
mesr_handle SetDisplayMode z_comp False
mesr_handle SetResultSystem -3
mesr_handle SetDisplayMode ID False
mesr_handle SetDisplayMode Mag False
mesr_handle SetDisplayMode System False
mesr_handle SetDisplayMode label False

mesr_handle AddNode $legend_max_node_id

page_handle SetLayout 3
page_handle GetWindowHandle window2 2
window2 SetClientType "Plot"
mesr_handle AddDynamicCurveToPlot 0 "x_comp" window2    

mesr_handle AddNode 90009601
mesr_handle AddDynamicCurveToPlot 1 "x_comp" window2    
animator Stop

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