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Shared substrate for microstrip antenna array

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Hello every one

i have created one microstrip patch antenna and its simulation was fine.

after that I have try to generated a circular array, but this time i remove the substrate from the microstrip patch antenna.

The idea is to make an array of microstrip patch antenna with shared dielectric. (8 mircostrip antenna + 1 single substrate)



- whenever i wanted to make a single substrate after i made an array of microstrip patch antenna, the substrate will also becomes an array. So the number of substrate and microstrip antenna are the same



- how can we extend the dielectric so that all the antennas share the same dielectric in the same time use the array tools for the microstrip patch antenna


your help and consideration are much appreciated.


the FEKO models are in the attachment

- i'm using feko version v2018.2.1


image1 & 2 - problem 

image 3 - how the end product should look like (without using copy and translate method)

26.04 - patch antenna 10GHz new dimension.cfx

array problem 1.PNG

array problem 2.PNG

array problem 3.PNG

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Hi Axharz


The substrate will be copied along with the patch if you use the finite array tool.

You will have to copy and translate.

If this is too much, you can use script recording to record one copy and translate operation and then edit the script, say use a FOR loop to create all the patches.

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