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Juan Iradier

Coincident Nodes between two solids for thermal simulation with AcuSolve

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I want to make a thermal simulation of a cooling plate in hyperworks with the AcuSolve Solver. The geometry would be this:



Where an aluminium cooling plate (the grey solid) is in contact with a water flow (blue volume).


The problem is that I can't get a mesh with coincident nodes between both volumes, taking into acount that for the AcuSolve simulation I need two surfaces in the interface between the solid and the liquid volume. Do you have any solution for it? 


Thanks in advance.


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Hi Juan Iradier


I suggest the following steps


1.  Mesh the grey part using solid map mesh

2.  Extract face of the grey part and project it to one of the faces of the blue part

3.  With the projected mesh as the base, do a solid map mesh or use drag elements to mesh the blue part

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Hello, Thank you for the reply


I couldn't make a solid map because the solid was not mappable. Insead, I took the external surfaces of each body, delete the one that was the interface between the two volumes from the grey part and trim the interface surface of the blue body in order to have T junctions in the common edges. That way I was able to get a interface surface common to both volumes.

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