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How to draw complex curves in hypergraph

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Any one having idea how to automate complex curves in hypergraph ?

Getting incorrect vector when trying to access "yp" and "ym".Please correct below code if any issue

proc release_handles { lst_handles } {
    foreach handle $lst_handles {
        catch { $handle ReleaseHandle }


hwi OpenStack;
hwi GetSessionHandle hwISession
hwISession GetProjectHandle hwIProject
hwISession GetDataFileHandle hwIDataFile "C:/Users/vreddy26/My_Work_Space/HYPERMESH/2018_WORK/Naveen_DriveShaft/Analysis_4_Axle_Whine/P703_2p0_Panther_Value_E_MT88_4x2_3p73_Response_Drive.pch"
set filepath "C:/Users/vreddy26/My_Work_Space/HYPERMESH/2018_WORK/Naveen_DriveShaft/Analysis_4_Axle_Whine/P703_2p0_Panther_Value_E_MT88_4x2_3p73_Response_Drive.pch"

#SUBCASE 102 Acc At Axle flange
set SubcaseSelected "SUBCASE 101"
                hwIDataFile SetSubcase $SubcaseSelected
                set DataTypeList [ hwIDataFile GetDataTypeList ]
                set XDataType [ lindex $DataTypeList 0 ]
                set YDataType [ lindex $DataTypeList end-1]
                set YRequest [ hwIDataFile GetRequestList $YDataType false ] 
                set YComponentList [ hwIDataFile GetComponentList $YDataType $YRequest ]
                set YCompSelected ""
                #time being setting to 3(z-axis)
                set Axis 3
                if {$Axis == 1} {
                    set YCompSelected [lrange YComponentList 0 0]
                } elseif {$Axis == 2} {
                    set YCompSelected [lrange YComponentList 1 1]
                } elseif {$Axis == 3} {
                    set YCompSelected [lrange YComponentList 2 2]

hwIProject GetPageHandle hwIPage 1

hwIPage GetWindowHandle hwIWindow 1

hwIWindow SetClientType "Plot"
hwIWindow GetClientHandle hwIPlot

hwIPlot SetBackgroundColor 1
                        hwIPlot SetFrameColor 1
                        hwIPlot GetLegendHandle Legend
                        Legend GetFontHandle FontHand
                        FontHand SetFamily "Arial Black"
                        FontHand SetStyle "Bold"
                        FontHand SetSize 10 

                        hwIPlot SetChartType complex

                        hwIPlot AddCurve ri
                        hwIPlot GetCurveHandle hwICurve [ hwIPlot GetNumberOfCurves ]

                        hwICurve GetVectorHandle xVector x
                        hwICurve GetVectorHandle ypVector yp 
                        hwICurve GetVectorHandle ymVector ym


yp and ym objs referring to data extraction class(

pulIDataExtractor )


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