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Rahul R

Dynamic Fatigue

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Hi Rahul, actually we have only one OptiStruct license,  and don't have fatigue software's like nCode/FEMFAT so I want to check with you about capability or methodology in optistruct with reference to below points:

1.  can I use Random frequency response analysis using Process manager/analysis setup in Optistruct? and directly compare output stresses with endurance strength of material for different parts to predict failure.

2. Generally we gets  PSD data inputs from customer for different tracks, each track contains number of channels, and they expect output in terms of number of cycles or damage.

I think point 2 is not possible without fatigue software, but in short can we use point 1 approach to predict that parts will fail or not?


I want to know your views on above points as a FEA Expert.





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Hi ,

I am glad to know that you have OptiStruct license & want to explore OptiStruct Fatigue capabilities.

Altair OptiStruct® is an industry proven, modern structural analysis solver for linear and nonlinear structural problems under static and dynamic loadings.

Altair OptiStruct is used by thousands of companies worldwide to analyze and optimize structures for their strength, durability, and NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) characteristics.
Above shared document is for Random response fatigue analysis.
We do have a process manager for Random PSD frequency response analysis (Tools: Freq Response process) & Random response fatigue analysis (Tools: Freq Response process).Please make sure to use the latest HyperWorks Desktop 2017.3 version.
Only Fatigue analysis will help you to get the output as a number of cycles or damage. Please refer below the video for Fatigue and Durability seminar held during 2018 Global ATC in Paris.

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