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Lydia He

Errors in CMA solver

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Dear experts,

I met thses problems that I was unable to slove.

When I created a UWB antenna model without CMA, it shows NOTICE about "checksum mismatch".Then I added CMA to the model, it shows ERROR about eignsolver.The model can be downloaded in .zip file.

 And I want to know the solution to these and reasons so that I could continue my study in CMA.  Thank u!








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Hi Lydia.


I see you are a University User, are you able to update your Feko version?

Your outfile reports

FEKO.CSV  Version 2018.1-424 from 2018-07-20

I suspect this error is triggered by the dielectric-metallic junctions shown in your first image. If that is the case then updating should resolve your problems as that error has been fixed.

Good news is that this error is only triggered in parallel runs, so if you cannot update the solver you could always just perform the run sequentially.



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Thank you for your reply.

There is still some problems after I use education edition instead.I requested  currents and checked the result so that I could add CMA for the next step, but it showed as followings:



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Hi @Lydia He, these are just comments (not warnings). They say that you can increase the speed of your simulations by activating parallel computation and also that the former *.str file has been re-written. FEKO stores the currents in *.str files so that they can be re-used in later simulations of the same model, if e.g. different requests are made.


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