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Problem with F280049 and ePWM module

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I can not use the F28x ePWM module with the microcontroller  F280049M


This is a basic module! With the F2808 and other uC it works well 


This is the only uC model that is having conflicts with this module


I am getting this error:


C:\Altair\Embed2019\cg>lnk2000 --display_error_number  --diag_suppress=16008 -c -x -q -mPWM_with_Phase_Shiftv2.map PWM_with_Phase_Shiftv2.obj   -l lib\SFO_TI_Build_V6b_fpu.lib -l lib\vsrtos_F280x_fpusr.lib  -heap 1024 -stack 512  -o PWM_with_Phase_Shiftv2.out lib\F280049flnk.cmd

 undefined          first referenced
  symbol                in file
 ---------          ----------------
 _RamfuncsLoadSize  PWM_with_Phase_Shiftv2.obj
 _RamfuncsLoadStart PWM_with_Phase_Shiftv2.obj
 _RamfuncsRunStart  PWM_with_Phase_Shiftv2.obj

error #10234-D: unresolved symbols remain
error #10010: errors encountered during linking; "PWM_with_Phase_Shiftv2.out"


Thanks for your help!



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Hi PaulFG,

Please indicate the Embed version that is producing this error. We have seen problems with the F280049 board with some of the 2019.0.x versions.   Please update to version 2019.1 and let me know if this problem goes away. 


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