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How to execute a tcl script in an existing HM session whose PID is known

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Hi all,


I wanna run some script in my already opened HM session. Is there any way we can access the HM session and execute the tcl script?

NOTE:  I have the HM Session PID where I wanna run the script




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Refer above.


In your case, this way may be simpler:

Your hm session (eg. with pid 1234) must pre-run a timer (write it in c:/users/name/hmcustom.tcl)


That timer checks a file eg. 1234.tcl

If file existing, source it, then clear the file!


So everytime you want to excute a script, put it in 1234.tcl


A such timer:

proc ::p_MonitorFile {{path {}}} {

   set path_ $path

   after cancel [list ::p_MonitorFile $path_]

   if {$path==""} {

      set path [file join $::env(HOME) [pid].tcl]


   if {[file exists $path]} {

       catch {source $path} err

       file delete $path

       puts "Executed $path got $err"


   after 3000 [list ::p_MonitorFile $path_]


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