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Sai Vignesh

TPA Analysis

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Hi @Rahul R 


From the demo file i got the Response and  Path contribution as mentioned in the tutorial. If i need the Input Force, Transfer Function and Point of Mobility means i need to request GPFORCE or SPCFORCE for the connection points right. 


If i request that GPFORCE means i getting an error

  *** ERROR # 2869 ***
 The grid 1130488 associated with component 1 does not have any reaction
 forces. It is likely that the element set (CONEL) or RIGID set (CONREL)
 specified in PFPATH does not contribute any reaction force to this
 degree of freedom.


How to extract the Input force, transfer function and Point of Mobility results??




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GPFORCE is not necessary for one step TPA, and pfpath can deal with this internally. In HyperView ,ensure that the NVH Utilities are loaded from the Preferences menu.This should help you to get the Input Force, Transfer Function and Point Mobility. PFA material for post processing using NVH utilities.

Point Mobility.JPG


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Thanks @Rahul R


This is fine at particular frequency  we are getting the magnitude of Transfer Function, Input force and Point of mobility. But if we need a Transfer Function for all over frequency for each node with the each direction as we get in Two Step TPA. is that possible in One Step TPA ??


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@Shri. I am also working on the transfer function. I am also getting same error, i.e 'expected floating-point number but got'. 


Did you find the solution? Please help me with it.




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