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Minoru Yubuchi

How to avoid "zero division" in Modelica

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Dear Experts,


My Modelica sript contains the following equation:


  tan(gamma) = (y - y_b)/(x - x_b);


where y, x, x_b, y_b are variables. 


Please let me have your advice how to avoid zero-division (to avoid to become x=x_b) in Modelica script.


When I tried to insert the following statements in Modelica argorithm section:


  if abs(x-x_b) <= 0.01 then
    x := x_b + 0.01;
  end if; 


of cource, as you expected, Activate issued the error: system is overdetermined.



Minoru Yubuchi

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Hi Minoru,


To solve the division by zero you can use an if-clause. I have used an additional variable auxval, alternatively you can use the tan(gamma)-expression directly inside the if-clause.


    Real auxval(start=0.01);


    if (abs(x - x_b) <= 0.01) then
        auxval = 0.01;
        auxval = x - x_b;
    end if;
    tan(gamma) = (y - y_b) / auxval;

Best regards,


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