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How to simulate an Induction Motor using Transient Magnetic and current sources?

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I want to simulate an Induction Motor using current sources on flux. The circuit I'm using it's attached on a picture.c1.png.4c757537536f12144113c6c82816451f.png


Right now I've set the current sources with sinusoidal waves of current I_a=10*sin(100*pi()*TIME) and I_b=10*sin(100*pi()*TIME-(2*pi()/3)). However the electromagnetic torque curve gives really odd results.c1.png.8a71ac99838a9f1a2f390352aa17b22e.png


I've attached the Flu file of this motor as well, so you can hopefully find my error cause I'm lost.


I know I  can use steady state ac magnetic 2d to simulate this kind of motor, but I wanted to use transient magnetic.


Thanks for your time,

Have a good day.


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Sorry for the delay to time to analyze your project. When I check the project there is some missing information and data:

  • The boundary condition; you need to create an infinite box around your device or use the line region to take into account of the boundary condition. To create the infinite box, go into the geometry >> domain >> infinite box, right click, new
  • The second point, the air gap (region between stator and rotor) you must split it into parts: one for the rotor the second for the stator.

About the curve shape of the torque, you need to increase the number of period on your solving scenario. In your case you don’t reach the steady state regime (you are in transient regime)

You will find attached the project ready to mesh and solve.

Best regards.


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Alright thank you! I left it for a while and I could finally see some results. However I find it really weird, since with other motors I reach steady state instantly.

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