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What's the difference between the contact properties (Normal force) in Motionview.

i have tested Impact and Volume model and the contact force between the two are different. Which should i take/use for the Simulation.


thanks in advance.

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If you will look in our documentation, the is a very detailed explanation on the difference in normal force calculation.  You can search for "MotionView Contact Best Practices", and that should give you the right location.


To answer your question about which one to use....The answer is "use the one that works best for your specific problem"  Sometimes I find that Impact works well for some kinds of problems.  If I have trouble, say with either model robustness, or too large penetrations, then I will sometime look at the Volume method.  Ultimately, the Volume method seems to be my personal favorite for more complex problems, but I have successfully used all three choices (Impact, Poisson, Volume). 

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