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using nonlinear subcase for linear buckling

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Hello all!

i have one question!

is it possible in Optstrct to do these thing?

i want to use nonlinear analysis (preload by weight) for linear buckling analysis/

any idea?

thank a lot, Guys!

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it is possible to use nonlinear quasistatic analysis as a preload for linear buckling analysis (see attached model). From Optistruct help:


A linear buckling solution cannot be performed on a linear static subcase that uses inertia relief. STATSUB(BUCKLING) can only be used to reference buckling to linear static or nonlinear static (small displacement + N2S/S2S contact only) subcases. For more information in using a preloaded linear static analysis (with STATSUB(PRELOAD) pointing to large displacement nonlinear analysis), in buckling analysis, refer to Linear Buckling Analysis in the User Guide.




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