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I have two main questions (for now;))


1) I have define an advance joints between two bodies and is there a way to define the contact force between these two bodies without using the 3D or 2D contact simulation? 

2) what does it mean when i define output-force-body and how can i see the result in hypergraph or hyperview?


thanks for the help!

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Hello yehoo


if you can describe the problem in more detail, people in the forum could be able to guide you with the most appropriate solution. To answer your questions,


1) You can also define "contact" by using an ActionReaction Force and using solver function IMPACT or BISTOP. You can mimic a point to point contact or to a certain degree point to curve contact using this approach. Any reason why you do not want to use 2D or 3D contact ?


2) When you define an output - force on body, MotionView creates a <Post_Request statement in MotionSolve xml for the connected joints|bushing|spring-damper|force entities to the body.

These forces can be plotted in Hypergraph. They should be available under the type "Marker Force" and request for each type of above connections would be listed. In HyperView, once you load a result H3D you can go to Vector Plot. Force/Moments should get listed under Result type and select the Body (Assembly in HyperView)  and click Apply. Force Vectors should appear on the body selected.


Hope this helps.




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3d contact is one of the easiest way, but i received an assignment to try different method available.

the problem that i have by 2d and advance joints is curve. In my model there is a lobe(camshaft) and i need to create a curve based on the contour. i create  alot of points on the curve but the graph is still not smooth. is there a way to smoothened out a curve so that there is no 'interference' in the force-time graph?

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