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Erkan Kilic

How to Connect Forces that Apply to a Point Selectively to Different Surfaces

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I am working on topology optimization of a electric motor bracket / mount for metal additive manufacturing. 

In the gear train there are two pinions driving a helical gear in the middle. I have defined the location and direction of gear force components (axial, radial and tangential) exerting on the pinions and driven gear as shown in the attached image. As can also be seen from the image there are three forces acting on pinion gear and three forces (in the opposite direction) acting on the driven gear; all of those force components are located at the same point. 


I would like to connect the three gear force components acting on the pinion gear to its own mounting and fixation holes and other three force components (located in the same point) acting on the driven gear to its fixation holes. Could you be of any help as to how the three force components acting on the pinion can be connected to its own fixation holes and how the other three forces that apply to same point to other fixation holes?


Please advice.


Thanks in advance,





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