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Connexity problem

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Hello everyone
I'm trying to simulate a segmented magnetic bearing and the thing is that when im trying to solve the scenario it shows me this:
"The group of volume regions:
   - TAPA
is multiply connected (have hole(s)).
There can be a problem called connexity problem if a coil forms
an interlacing with the group of volume regions.
If you have a connexity problem, you must create a cut of
magnetic circuit which cuts the group
of volume regions."

The thing is: ¿How do I repair this problem?

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Hello Samesp,

Actually, you are facing this problem because the formulation required to solve the project has made some hypotheses than must be fulfilled, in particular about the simple connectivity of your domain. In other words, no “holes” are allowed in your domain. Please, find attached the files Connectivity_Problems.pdf which explains this problems a little more in detail.

To solve it you have a dedicated menu that you can find in the data tree: Physics-> Regions -> Magnetic circuit cut. There, you can create the required cuts by yourself or let Flux to create them automatically, I advise you to choose the second option . Please, find attached an image showing this menu.



Once the cuts have been created you should be able to solve your problem normally.

Best regards.


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