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license error in Inspire

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I applied the Student version, and all other softwares are ok and run well except Inspire 2018.

Altair License Manager: License error

Feature(s): GlobalZoneAP, HyperWorks, HWInspireBase
Error Code: 9
Error Description:
Feature not found

Feature: InspireBase
Error Code: 6
Error Description:
[LOCAL] D:/learning/hyperworks inspire/sTInspire2018.2/security/altair_lic.dat - (Err: 6) Unable to read file
[LOCAL] D:\2-��\��װ��\ѧϰ\hyperworks\altair_lic.dat - (Err: 6) Unable to read file

License Path: D:/learning/hyperworks inspire/sTInspire2018.2/security/altair_lic.dat;D:\2-��\��װ��\ѧϰ\hyperworks\altair_lic.dat


Who can help me? All the solutions I have tried.

Thank you very much.


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