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ramesh g

induction motor squirrel cage end winding resistance and inductance.

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Hello Friends,

I  have been observed that the variation of end ring resistance and inductance greatly influencing the electromagnetic torque in the steady state magnetic analysis? is anyone experienced this? how to fix these parameters accurately. please share your insights

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Hello Ramesh,


In my opinion, it is not surprising that end-ring resistance and inductance values have an influence over the machine electromagnetic torque. In fact, they have an impact over your rotor circuit and, therefore, over the currents/voltages flowing through it and these electrical variables will directly affect your torque.


On the other hand, estimate accurate values for end-ring inductance is really tricky and measures are generally necessary. This is also true for the resistance but, in this case, you can always get an approach taking into account the length of the end-ring sections, its crossing area and its material’s resistivity.


If you want some simulation examples regarding induction motors with squirrel cage (including end-ring resistance and inductance values), you will find them in Flux supervisor. More precisely: Open example ->Technical Tutorials -> Induction motor_1 and Open example ->Application notes -> Induction motor_2  for 2D and Open example ->Application notes -> Induction motor  for 3D (see image attached).




Best regards,

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