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optistruct parallel job on multi node

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I have installed optistruct solver on cluster. I have 4 nodes in cluster and each node have 32 cpus.

I want to run optistruct analysis job via command line on linux system.


/gscratch/apps/hwsolvers/altair/scripts/optistruct  input_file.fem -nproc 64 &


the job is running on only 32 cpus not on 64 cpus.

please let me know what options i need to place on command line to run on multiple nodes.

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Basically if you have the hostnames in a hostfile.txt:


optistruct input.fem –hostfile ./hostfile.txt [-np <NUMBER OF MPI PROCESSES>] [-mpi <i|pl>]


  • The input files must be available from all nodes in the same path. This can be done by copying the input files to identical paths on all nodes or mount the folder containing the input files to all nodes.
  • Scratch files ought to be written to local high performance disk on each node.

Please check advanced installation guide for more details.


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