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Failure to automatically launch RADIOSS jobs and extract results

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I've set up an optimization study based on tutorial HS-4220 optimization of an impacted beam using my own model for the gauge optimization of crash structure for an ATV. During the both evaluation and optimization, HyperStudy fails to extract the results. Upon looking into the folders it appears that the jobs are not even run in the first place. In order to get the initial results from the setup evaluation, I manually launched the jobs using RADIOSS in the same working directory and they ran fine, generating the required output files. Could someone provide some idea as to why the jobs are not launching correctly through hyperstudy? I would like to run a fairly large optimization study, and manually launching the jobs will take too much time.


I have attached the starter, engine, template and HS files.


Thank you,


20190723_eATV_HS_OPT.tpl 20190723_eATV_HS_OPT_0000.rad 20190723_eATV_HS_OPT_0001.rad eATV_Gauge_Opt.hstudy

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Sorry for the late reply.Could you please ensure the starter input deck name should be same during the define model step in HyperStudy.Can you please make sure there is no space or special characters.Above shared files I successfully able to run at my end with HyperStudy Student edition 2019.0.


I believe the issue is because of naming.



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