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Negative Power Loss of Dielectric

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Hi, Everyone!
I am new to Feko and Antenna Design in general. I am trying to model a simple turnstile antenna for a 1-Unit CubeSat, which then I am going to build using tape-measure (as conductors of turnstile antenna) and a PCB in the middle for feed circuit.

here is a link where you can learn more about CubeSats (if needed):


When I model the antenna in Feko, there's always at least one dielectric region that has negative power loss in *.out file.

For example, when I model the antenna without metallic body of CubeSat, image 1 shows the negative power loss in *.out file and image 2 shows the far field pattern.

When I add the metallic body, images 3 and 4 show the results.

I have also attached my CAD files.

Can you tell me why this negative power loss happens and how can I fix it?

And also, what other ways can I use to validate my results? Since, radiation pattern in image 4 doesn't seem correct to me :)

Thank you very much, 
Yasaman Parhizkar






full_turnstile_fixed.cfx full_turnstile_fixed_metal3.cfx









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Hi @Yasaman,

the layered dielecrics are very thin comared to the wavelength:



I don't think you will be successful wit MoM. It may be feasible to use FEM instead.


I attach a FEM version of the model but you will need to see if reducing the mesh size of the thin dielectric layers changes the results.


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Thank you very much, Torben Voigt!

I used your corrected file and it didn't have any problems in power calculation!

However, I didn't trust the FEM method, since it gave me very different results compared to MoM, even when I simulated a simple wire turnstile!

So, in my next try with MoM, I moved the PCB board to provide a 1cm distance between PCB and the purple body. this time the negative loss problem was solved!

Thank you again for your kind reply!

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