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Hi all,


I am using VWT to run a CFD analysis on a prototype vehicle. I have attached a picture below to show the model.


I have the model meshed using HM. I have already ran CFD successfully before, however, this is the first time I add the wheels to simulate their rotation.

The analysis works fine and takes around 20 mins to reach 80 percent, and then stays at 80 percent for hours.

I have attached the text files in the run directory, I have checked them and couldn't find an error, however, I might be missing something.



vwtAnalysis.1.Log vwtAnalysis.1.MeshSim.txt wheels_2nd_try.stmod

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Please post a screenshot of your run folder for this simulation, so that we can see if ACUSIM.DIR, MESH.DIR folders were generated or not. 

Also there should be two .Log files. Please post them here, so that I can see what is going on. 

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Last few lines give a hint about the issue. Seems that AcuSolve exited abruptly. In this case probably rerunning the case is the easiest option. 

There are ways to recover data as well, however unsure if that would be worth, as each iteration is only ~34s. 




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