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"ADC config" menu not showing for Piccolo F28069M in Embed 2019.0.1

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Hi there!


First, I'm very pleased about Altair Embed (formerly known as SolidThinking or VisSim), and all its facilities. It saves a lot of time when you start a new project based on Texas Instruments DSPs!

But there's a little problem that I can't solve: If I start a new project (base and debug model), I can't configure ADC properties, because the menu window does not open. As mentioned in the topic Title, I'm using Embed version 2019.0.1, and a Texas Instruments Piccolo F28069M (with a full purchased license). My operating system is Windows 7 x64 bit and I'm using: Code Composer 8.3.1, latest version of ControlSuite and latest version of MotorWare. At the installation step, I have pointed the CCS path for the compiler. All the environment variables have been set correctly. I have also tried to run the software on different operating systems, such as Windows 10 and 8. I have runned it in all compatibility modes, but the result is the same. I have also tried with a different DSP such as Delfino F28335 and F28377s, but the problem still persists. In a past version of SolidThinking, like 2017, this option worked great...


I hope this problem will be solved, as simply as possible... 


P.S.: I have attached some pictures describing the procedure...Untitled.thumb.png.af55eef56b546a3c7a6d84deb6de8513.png


Best regards, for the Altair Comunity! 



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Hi there Sreeram MohanFirst I want to thank you for giving an answer to this post!

The problem still persists, because, i have tried to re-install Solidthinking, and all the related software (CCS, controlSuite, MotorWare etc...), but the results are the same...

I have also tried to install Solidthinking and the related software on other machines with different versions of Windows (7, 8 and 10), and still the problem persists...


I am following the recommandations from the user guide:

Code Composer Studio - latest (9);

Control Suite (latest);

Motorware (latest);


This kind of problem, is not because of the dependencies, it might be because of a software bug exists (probably)...

SolidThinking 2017 and older versions work on the same machines, and the ADC Config... menu shows, and works perfect...


I know that someone will finally come with a solution!


Best regards, Pintilie Lucian Nicolae...

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