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I was trying to script meshing of bodies with a common sub-string in their names.


I can use the below utility. But I cant figure out, how to use the variable in solid meshing syntax?


Simlab Utility - 

var SubString1=["Bolt*"];

             var EntitiesName29358=[];

            SimLabUtility.GetBodiesWithSubString(SurfaceBodyName, SubString1,             EntitiesName29358);

Solid Meshing Code - I am trying something like this, but this doesnt works.

//SurfaceBodyName is a variable storing model name
var SolidMesh=' <VolumeMesher UUID="83822e68-12bb-43b9-b2ac-77e0b9ea5149">\
  <tag Value="-1"/>\
  <Name Value="VolumeMesher1"/>\
  <MeshType Value="Tet10"/>\
  <AverageElemSize Value="3.5"/>\
  <MaxElemSize Value="Default" Checked="0"/>\
  <InternalGrading Value="2"/>\
  <MinQuality Value="0.07"/>\
  <LinearQuality Value="2"/>\
  <MaxQuality Value="1"/>\
  <QuadMinQuality Value="0.001"/>\
  <QuadQuality Value="0"/>\
  <QuadMaxQuality Value="1"/>\
  <CadBody Value="0"/>\
   <MeshDensity Value="0"/>\
   <CreateVol Value="1"/>\
   <Assembly Value="0"/>\
   <PreserveFaceMesh Value="2"/>\
   <MeshAsSingleBody Value="1"/>\
   <Retain2DSurfaceBodies Value="0"/>\
   <PreserveSurfaceSkew Value="55" Checked="0"/>\



How to use the variable in place of body names?

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hi, your syntax is correct. your function is working for me.  Let me know what error you are getting in project log file. I am suspecting there is some problem in getting fem model name to perform solid mesh. 


Please check the sample script attached here, that works fine for me. 


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