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Good evening Mel


Is there a way to determine how much memory my simulation will require without actually running the simulation and checking the .out file? I read about --estimate-resource-requirements-only that seems to be what I can use, however I am unclear of how to set up the machines file and what is meant by nodes? For example I wanted to run a Vivaldi array of 13 elements but got an error that stated that there was not enough memory, but not how much memory will be required? Please see the file I am referring to attached. I would appreciate your assistance.


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Unfortunately estimates for FEM/MoM is not yet available.

You could try to half the number of vivaldi elements and see how much memory that takes. Then doubling them would roughly more than quadruple the required memory.


Alternately enable MLFMM to use a FEM/MLFMM solution.

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