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Dear Team,


for my thesis I have to import models from Solidworks and to assemble them in order to simulate the kinematics of the line trasmission of the primary flight controls.

I would like to know how I can assemble models imported in MotionView, as when I import models I can't move them to the right position.


I looked for examples, but I didn't find them, so that I ask you if there are tutorials for my case.


I apologize for the trivial question, but I am a beginner.

I hope you can help me and I thank you in advance.

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There are no existing tutorials for this workflow, since it's not a workflow that is common with most users.  Usually, CAD is exported with all parts correctly positioned relative to each other.


It is possible to relocate CAD once you've imported into MotionView, but it is a manual process, and must be repeated for each part.  It will be rather tedious.  One way is to define a reference Marker for each part (this also means you need to define a point to define the position of the reference Marker).  Then you can change the reference marker for each CAD part from Global, to the new reference marker.  Then, each reference marker can be individually positioned manually to re-position the CAD.


Others may have better ideas, but this is a method I have used in the past, when I had no other options.



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