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How to count number of elements attached to each material?

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I have a model with multiple components that shares several materials/properties. I want to know the number of elements associated to each material/property within each component. For example, one component is made of 100 elements which are assigned to 22 different materials. I want to know how many elements within Mat1, Mat2, Mat3, etc. 


Right now I am doing this manually by isolating each material and counting displayed elements. But this takes long time and very tedious. Is it possible to automate this task by writing a TCL script or exporting a custom output file?


It would be very nice if I can get something like:

                        Mat1         Mat2        Mat3      Mat4      Matx

Component1    10              9               50           0            XX

Component1    15              55              4            22          YY





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3 hours ago, Q.Nguyen-Dai said:

In your case, maybe it's better to organize one material for each component.


"Why complicate the life when you can simplify it?" :P

Thank you for your comment. 


Unfortunately, having different materials within each component is essential in my case. Believe me "Life is not that Simple" :)

How about if I have one component only with multiple materials. Do you think of a way or any exportable FE format that would list number of elements within each material?



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