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Hi All,


I facing Issue in three widgets

1) Change the font of Inputs Dialogue in TK (e.g CAMBRIA , 14)

2) How to assign the values of a dynamically created Entry Box to a list using TCL.

3) How to assign the procedure to the buttons in Dialogue. (OK , APPLY and CANCEL on the dialogue Box situated at the bottom) 

please help me to clarify these doubts.

Best Regards,

Dhairyasheel Desai



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Hi Dhairyasheel,

1. first create a font with the properties and then assign it to the label you create

font create myFont -family cambria -size 14

ttk::label .test.frame1.label1 -text "Hello" -font myFont -width 15

2. all entry boxes have a variable set using -textvariable which should be a namespace variable, this can be set dynamically and will be reflected accordingly. 

hwtk::entry frame_1.ent_1 -textvariable ::mynamespace::entry1variable


3. use -command followed by the function while creating the button:

hwtk::button frame_1.button_1 -text "test" -command {::test::Myprocedure}


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On 12/20/2018 at 7:28 PM, Jeffersondhv said:


Hi Livil,

Thanks for the Reply. It was very Helpful. :) 

1 ) My question was about font of INPUT DIALOG

font create myFont -family cambria -size 14

"set myanswer [hwtk::inputdialog -title "Material" -text "Enter Material Name" -font myFont".

2) About Assigning the Procedure to the Default Buttons on the Dialogue Box (OK , CANCEL, APPLY) Please refer to the Images attached.

Thanks in Advance 

Best Regards,


Tata Technologies



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