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Erkan Kilic

Issue with Exporting Inspire Results to Evolve

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I am willing to export the Inspire optimized shape to Evolve to continue working on it Evolve. To do this, I right-click on the optimized shape in Inspire 2018.2 Student Version  and then click on "Save to Evolve". When I do this, I see "File Saved Successfully" message box. (See pictures below.) 






Then, I open Evolve 2017-7305 Student Version and click on "Retrieve From Inspire" button under Inspire tab. (See below picture)




However, I do not see anything to select in Inspire Shapes Browser. What is wrong with this? Any idea is greatly appreciated.




On my laptop, I have both Inspire 2018 and Inspire 2017 Student versions as well as Evolve 2017 Student version. I have this problem when try to export the shape from Inspire 2018 to Evolve 2017. And since I prepared the optimized shape in Inspire 2018 and Inspire 2017 is not opening Inspire files that are prepared in Inspire 2018, I am stuck with this issue. 


Please advise.




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After exporting to Evolve using "save to Evolve", try to found it in the following direction: C:\Users\(your user name)\Documents\Altair\2019.2 (or any other Inspire version)\Exchange\FromInspire


Go to Evolve and try to "open" or "import" from the last direction mentioned.



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