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Detection interferences

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I would like to know how I can detect interferences and penetrations between bodies as I would like to stop the simulation when this happens.


I tried to use "Collision Detections" but nothing has changed.


I thank you in advance.


Best regards.

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"Collision Detection" is a feature that's only available in post-processing.  It allows you to visualize penetrations between different bodies in the mode, AFTER your simulation is completed.


When you need to stop (or change) the model as a result of some condition in the model during run time, we use an entity called Sensors.  I would encourage you to read up on Sensors in our help, as they are quite powerful, but there are a few things to learn.


A simple way to implement a sensor in your case would be for the sensor to monitor the displacement between two bodies (which you would define via an expression).  When the displacement reaches some threshold value, you tell the sensor to halt the simulation.


Another possible way (I haven't personally tried this), would be to monitor the contact forces between two bodies, assuming you are using 3D contacts in the model.  When the contact force is generated, use that to trigger the sensor.

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