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Programatically (command to) save scope as image

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Howdy denizens of the Activate community....


I'm wondering if there is a command to save the plots of a single scope as an image.  I searched "bde..." and "vss..." commands and see options to save diagram or blocks as images - the most promising option seems to be this:  vssHtmlGenerateImageHtml().  Not sure -would this work for saving an image of a single scope? 


I'm looking for an example for syntax but I haven't found one yet.  I search the Activate installation and found a hit but the arguments are not detailed enough to know what is expected.   Does anyone have an example for this? 


FYI: I'm running parameter sweeps and would like to save scopes as images at the end of each run before the next one starts.   (overlay is not an option since the next simulation curve covers last one).  Thanks!





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Hi Andy,

I don't know how to do it with a command... "overlay" isn't an option like you wrote but "new" (and then at the end you save scopes manually) should be a workaround to get what you want.



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