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Element ID Contradiction: Bug or feature?

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Hey everyone,

I got an issue while working with Hypermesh on a car shell mesh and I am not sure, whether or not it's a bug or an intended feature.


Another issue with element numbering made it necessary to write a script, which makes some changes to elements in terms of node numbering.


The following issue emerged:

There are elements of one part, where their internal ID does not match the shown number and their EID in the exported solver deck.

I take an element ID from the solver deck, which caused an error, and used it to find this element in HM. I used "find entities > elems by id > enter id" and found the correct element.

When I try to acces nodal information for my script, I use hm_getvalue.

hm_getvalue entity_type <select_type>=<selection> dataname=<data name or attribute name/ID> ?row=<row_index>? ?column=<column_index>? 

For <select_type>=<selection>, I entered id=12345, with this being the element ID from the solver deck.

This does not work and in the console it says: hm_getvalue: elems with id 12345 is not a valid entity


When I keep diggin' and try to figure out the elements internal ID, I get another ID, which is completly out of the given ID range, but still works for all operations regarding element IDs...


This is a problem. Because when I enter the following code...

(01_Hypermesh) 86 % hm_getvalue elems id=2577577 dataname=nodes
12548061 12550870 12548063
(01_Hypermesh) 87 % *element2Dshiftnodes 2577577 1 2 0 0 0
(01_Hypermesh) 88 % hm_getvalue elems id=2577577 dataname=nodes
12548063 12548061 12550870

... to change the order of the nodes in the element, it does not affect the exported solver deck. The exported elements have the other ID mentioned above and are not affected by the rotation.

Oddly enough, when I use "find entities > elems by id > enter id" for the internal ID, it does not find an element.


Does anyone know, if there is a general misunderstanding from my side or might this be a bug?




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